Monday, July 28, 2008

Montessori Methods Pictures

Parts of a Horse Nomenclature cards and Living/Non -Living object set all can be easily reproduced for your homeschool environment.

Montessori Style Homeschooling

When I decided to homeschool almost ten years ago, I wasn't aware of the Montessori method. I wish I had known. The method is wonderful for most of us right brain folks, especially in a world set up for left brainers. It uses many manipulatives and concrete objects to make the lessons stick. I have a good friend who is a certified Montessori teacher for the primary grades and she was instrumental in showing me the ropes to school my 5 year old. My girls although older benefitted as well, I incorporated many of Maria Montessori ideas and methods in their already eclectic curriculum. My friend took us on a tour of her school and we got chance to get some ideas from their set-up. The Montessori method for Homeschoolers is definitely do-able, fun, affordable and it gets results. There are a ton of websites that can kick start your efforts. Here are a few: and or

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cards Arrived!!! How Sweet...

Look at my cards from Sunny Day Tags on Etsy! I love them!! She was very easy to work with and friendly too as I always say " a plus in my book." Find her here:! And as usual I'm ESE (Etsyians supporting Etsyians!)

Meet Noah

Noah's Ark

Quote for the day:
"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a Mother." -Lin Yutang

Meet Noah. My son and myself's creation. He is made of polymer clay with moveable arms, hand, legs and head. He made an ark with Daddy first and of course looked to me to make the people to go in the ark. We first softened the polymer clay, rolled his limbs , shaped his torso, pieced them together with wire. My son sculpted his face (look at those eyes) and we baked him. We used Sculpey so 275 degrees for about 15 and cool in the oven. Here also is a pic of him before we baked him and of course after. Its good to do fun things that have nothing to do with the lesson you're on in school. Just for the fun of it. Now Mrs. Noah and the other may be a long time in coming for it took awhile to get him done! But here he is finished and fully clothed with a few of his passengers in tow. We'll soon be doing a lapbook on this subject, I'll be sure post pics for you to see, maybe get a few ideas from. Even if you're not homeschooling its still good just to sit down and do fun things with the kids. Mrs. Noah coming one day...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Field Journals

Homeschooling Fever

At certain times of the year I get this feverish Homeschooling feeling and spend quite a bit of time. Planning, reorganizing, breaking down, constructing and deconstructing our plan. You know- the perfect one from last semester. Well this year, I'm using Homeschooltracker. From it is a FREE HS tracking software. And it really is quite awesome. And did I mention its FREE? If I like it I'll upgrade to plus for a fee, still worth it I'm sure. We are starting Lapbooks and I'll be sure to share that with you as soon as the first is complete! I'll be adding some fantastic links that you'll find helpful no doubt. Taking advantage of this weather, we're going to be trying to venture outside more and for this I've made them Field Journals~made from completely recycled material, stitched and bound, with clear pockets for inserting the days finds. They'll be in the store~Stella's soon:) No doubt you'll find them most useful for your Adventurers too. Or for the Wild Wonderer in yourself!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Labels are here-I'm Complete!

Just got my new beautiful labels from MommieMadeIt of Etsy of course! ESE(Etsy supporting Etsyians) Aren't they beautiful!! I feel so complete now, been making purses for how long now? Since Middle School and never labeled them! The horror.. (BTW- I'm a 70's baby)Well note anymore . Visit her @ she was very accommodating and friendly too -always a plus in my book ! I love the design, she looked at my banner @ ( and designed them around the motif and colors. Kinda spiffy don't ya think?

Almost Failed Attempt

Stella says:
Quote for today and somewhat irrelevent to the post at hand-

" A heart is not judged by how much you Love, but by how much you are Loved by others"- Wizard to the Tin Man

My 5 year old and I attempted to recycled crayons, we have a ton of them and thought it'd be fun. Well I learned a couple of things here! One thing is all crayons do not melt to the same consistency! Crayola (national brand) melted the best and with even consistency, the others (the few they give you at restaurants to occupy the kids) just sat there. Didn't even budge. I bought a bag full of ancient cookie cutters and decorating tips from a thrift store some time ago. I knew one day would come in handy. I'll have to point that out to hubby!:0 -Not everything I purchase without an immediate explanation is useless. Any how we had fun making it them again it is the Process not the Product, Right? Hmm, what can I get into now? Next weeks project: Handmade Paper using last week's crayon wrappers;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Creativity Set II-Spring Tea. A set of goodies put together for you to turn into a master piece. I love the thought of getting goodies from others and giving goodies to others! This one was chocked full of vintage and newer items just waiting to be crafted into a magnificent creation of yours! Bare with me please, I'm still learning the ins and out of this infosphere...