Thursday, July 10, 2008

Noah's Ark

Quote for the day:
"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a Mother." -Lin Yutang

Meet Noah. My son and myself's creation. He is made of polymer clay with moveable arms, hand, legs and head. He made an ark with Daddy first and of course looked to me to make the people to go in the ark. We first softened the polymer clay, rolled his limbs , shaped his torso, pieced them together with wire. My son sculpted his face (look at those eyes) and we baked him. We used Sculpey so 275 degrees for about 15 and cool in the oven. Here also is a pic of him before we baked him and of course after. Its good to do fun things that have nothing to do with the lesson you're on in school. Just for the fun of it. Now Mrs. Noah and the other may be a long time in coming for it took awhile to get him done! But here he is finished and fully clothed with a few of his passengers in tow. We'll soon be doing a lapbook on this subject, I'll be sure post pics for you to see, maybe get a few ideas from. Even if you're not homeschooling its still good just to sit down and do fun things with the kids. Mrs. Noah coming one day...

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