Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I've been playing around with a few new widgets on this world of the web. ( A whole world in itself, goes without saying) I found a few cool tools one of which is this beautiful electronic signature. Its so cool...

What do you think?;}

More Sweet Stacks for Sweet Creativity

Cotton Candy Creativity Stacks. Here is more Sweet Stacks of Creative Sparks for you to enjoy!

Imagine the possibilities with gorgeous vintage papers and emphemera like this. Simply endless.

Its so fun to rummage through some one else's belongings isn't it? A passtime I've enjoyed since at the very earliest the age of 5. I would be thrilled when someone passes on (not literally) a large trunk full of vintage goodies or the thrill of the catch when you move into a new home and find all those left behind treasures. I'd take on 15 different personalities in on one play date. Pearls and clasp purses, ear bobs and stiff dresses, old fans, and the almighty sewing case complete with half darned socks. That my friend is the start of a life long love affair, as I have with Old But Beautiful ~things.

New items arriving daily {well almost}

Some Creativity Stacks I've been producing lately and decided to post in the store . This one is a beautiful inspiring color combination. My favorite color is green so I'm partial to this one. It includes so many goodies~~~~>

  • Vintage rickrack and seambinding

  • Vintage Straw

  • Flowers, stamens and milinery items

  • Vintage Bingo cards and game pieces

  • and so much more!

Stay tuned to the shop for new additions

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'll never say never again!

Quote of the Day~ "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."~Mark Twain
I'll not be able to say, "I never win anything" because I won these cute Candy Store Cutouts from TScrapper on her blog giveaway @ tscrapper.blogspot.com also a fellow Etsyianite- http://tscrapper.etsy.com/! How sweet they are! Thank you so much tscrapper, be sure to check out her shop. Even if you're not a scrapper I'm sure you'll find tons of other fun things you'll love