Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New items arriving daily {well almost}

Some Creativity Stacks I've been producing lately and decided to post in the store . This one is a beautiful inspiring color combination. My favorite color is green so I'm partial to this one. It includes so many goodies~~~~>

  • Vintage rickrack and seambinding

  • Vintage Straw

  • Flowers, stamens and milinery items

  • Vintage Bingo cards and game pieces

  • and so much more!

Stay tuned to the shop for new additions


Trafalgar's Square said...

Love the green, it's so vibrant! Your creativity packs are such a good idea, I felt ideas start to prickle when I saw the photos and read the description!

CheyLoCreations said...

Your creativity packs are such a neat idea! Thanks for checking out my blog! And I will see you on lollishops!

Ps-The wipes also work great as napkins in the kiddos lunch box!