Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost Failed Attempt

Stella says:
Quote for today and somewhat irrelevent to the post at hand-

" A heart is not judged by how much you Love, but by how much you are Loved by others"- Wizard to the Tin Man

My 5 year old and I attempted to recycled crayons, we have a ton of them and thought it'd be fun. Well I learned a couple of things here! One thing is all crayons do not melt to the same consistency! Crayola (national brand) melted the best and with even consistency, the others (the few they give you at restaurants to occupy the kids) just sat there. Didn't even budge. I bought a bag full of ancient cookie cutters and decorating tips from a thrift store some time ago. I knew one day would come in handy. I'll have to point that out to hubby!:0 -Not everything I purchase without an immediate explanation is useless. Any how we had fun making it them again it is the Process not the Product, Right? Hmm, what can I get into now? Next weeks project: Handmade Paper using last week's crayon wrappers;)


Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I'm curious to hear how your paper turned out. :)

Also, did you get a useful product with the recycled crayons?

Stella & Sugar said...

Yes, we ended up with nice shapes and colors from the crayons we just happened to have all Crayola ones in I had candy molds, they came out nice, but we will be re-visiting this one! On the next 85-90 degree day , we'll put them outside in a mold. Can't wait.

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

oh the crayon recycling looks fun! hope you had a great time together i wonder who cleaned up the mess?? hee hee....lovely blog thnks for sharing...oh i like your motto for the heart that is loved too! :)

Brazilians Paradise said...

OMG thats an awesome idea!! love it !