Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dinosaurs, They walk among us! Latest Lapbook!

Dinosaur Lapbook!

Dinosaurs, So many questions about them so few answers. One thing on my 6 year old sons mind is- Did they really exist? We decided upon a Dinosaur Lapbook to help come to a conclusion with much help from the Free Templates and Mini books at Home School Share. A ton of helpful information but also from the Huge Freebie Dinosaurs Lapbook at Live and Learn. Here are the photos and lapbook, he learned alot and so did I. Most interesting to him was the size and the word Coprolite- Oh yes look it up!
I found a bag full of Dinosaurs at the Thrift Store and we were set to recreate History! (maybe, because, you see, my Einstein is still not totally convinced)


TheFrogBag said...

Love these dino pics! But I'm wondering, what is a lapbook? As a zoology major I already know what a coprolite is ;)

Stella & Sugar said...

A lapbook is mainly a portfolio of of concepts you wish for your child to learn, you add mini books on each subject photos, drawings and all else that pertains to the subject. There are many websites devoted to this, both for purchase and free for example
there are flickr groups as well with many pictures, they are a fine way to learn and showcase all your child has been learning.

Mami Made It said...

Wow, your son really loves dinos. He has a lot of them. Lapbook sounds like a great idea.